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  • Answer: If the product is not sold by us, we will not provide warranty service; but if requested for repair service, we would charged HKD500 inspection fee plus parts fee after inspected the said product. All countries have different standard they need to meet, therefore our parts will not interchange with other countries.
  • Answer: When you first get your battery you must give it an initial charge of 18-24 hours. After the toy had been ridden for the day or if it's getting slow and sluggish, you shall charge it for 18-24 hours. If the toy is not in use, charge the battery 18-24 hours once a month, to keep it in good condition.When charging completed, a green light should be indicated.
  • Answer: Depending on the weight of the child/children and the terrain of the ground, anywhere from 1-3 hours is normal. We recommend keeping a spare battery on hand for extra ride time.1 – 3 hours is subject to the weights and usage of each ride.
  • Answer: Baby Art products are completely safe, even for newborns: they are non-toxic, have been thoroughly tested and conform to safety requirements and standards in force.
  • Answer:

    All Baby Art products have been designed for use with children from birth to 3 years old, so it is perfectly safe to use any Baby Art product as soon as your baby is born. With sculptures, the smaller the baby, the easier it is to make the plaster cast and the more delightful the result!

    For impressions made using Baby Art modelling clay, the recommended age is from birth to three years old, or as long as the child’s hand or foot fits in the frame. There is no age limit for painted impressions – the whole family can put their impression alongside the baby’s, providing they all fit in the frame!

  • Answer: Gently and gradually pour the plaster into the mould. To avoid air bubbles remaining at the bottom of the cast, turn the mould in different directions and tap the edges to help air bubbles escape. Immediately rinse the second container you have used for mixing the plaster so that it doesn’t harden.
  • Answer: The grain is a normal pattern that would appears in the natural wood and it was certified no harm to the structure of the cot.
  • Answer: Quinny stroller were conform to Europe safety standard, it have been tested through the production process to ensure the quality before export. You can contact us for further repair service if the stroller is within the warranty period and use properly based on the user guide.
    The below conditions are excluded warranty:
    Use not according to the user guide
    The dealer is not our official dealer or distributors
    The product had already repaired by third party or unofficial dealer or distributors.
    The seat pad or stroller frame damage is caused by improperly or careless use
    General wear and tear by time to time
    Effective date
    Begin from the date after purchase
    Warranty period
    The max. period of warranty is 24 months but subject to model and brand.
  • Answer: Firstly, it should be confirmed all wheel is inflated. When the rear wheel is fully inflated, the max. pressure is 26 PSI/1.8 Bar; and front wheel is 18 PSI / 1.2 Bar. If needed, you can also spray Teflon at the rolling position.
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