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  • Answer: If the product is not sold by us, we will not provide warranty service; but if requested for repair service, we would charged HKD500 inspection fee plus parts fee after inspected the said product. All countries have different standard they need to meet, therefore our parts will not interchange with other countries.
  • Answer: All of our single strollers hold 45lbs. If you have a twin or a triple stroller it will hold 45lbs per seat.
  • Answer: Upon delivery, customer should check quantity and the quality of the products. Whatsoever damages occurred, customer should call our office within 14 days and send us the photos of suspects of manufacturing defects to info@o3baby.com.hk. Please limit the size of each photo below 1MB if possible. Our staff will contact you within the same day.
  • Answer: Microbe and germ loves warm and humid environment, like Hong Kong weather. It is important to keep the baby cot and mattress in a clean and fresh condition. We recommend to always wiping the cot with slightly damp cloth to avoid dust from accumulating onto the surface and gap; use vacuum or slightly damp cloth to wipe the mattress surface, air dry and then put on fitted sheet. It is also good to kill the microbe and germ on mattress under the sun. You shall also pay attention on the ventilation and humidity according to weather changes. During spring time it is humid; while on hot summer, the water vapour remains after turning off the air conditioner are always the time of microbe and germ to multiply the reproduction. It is healthier to keep good ventilation. Use dehumidifier when necessary as the relative humidity is most ideal below 45%.
  • Answer: Yes, you can order separately for the spare part clay, alginate and gypsum.
  • Answer: Oiled color means the wood have been treated for maintain its natural look and feel, and so it becomes water and bacteria proof.
  • Answer: Yes. You can consult us within office hours whether the said part is available.
  • Answer: Because the air pressure within the airplane is in different with normal environment, and it might caused the tyres broken.
  • Answer: Baby car seats Group 0 or 0+ should always be positioned facing backwards and should not be used on a seat with a frontal airbag that is switched on. On some cars there is the option to switch the airbag off or to have it switched off. Note, however, that this has been found to be not without risk. If the airbag is switched on, when positioned on the front seat the car seat is right next to the point where the airbag explodes with an explosive force that is life threatening. This does not apply to side or curtain airbags. Pay careful attention to the warnings and instructions in the car seat user manual and the manual of the car in question.
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