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Date: 2019-02-25

【0/3 baby NEW product】COFA simple but innovative COsleep baby cot

COFA -simple but innovative COsleep baby cot

Multiple purposes Co-Sleep baby cot, brings advantages include: quick install, easy to move around, safe and intimate Co-Sleep and sustainable using, all fits new parents’ need and nursery situations nowadays.

• COFA better way to deal with newborn sleeping issues – Traditional wooden baby cot may not able to meet baby nursery needs now, and COFA could be a solution.

• Quick installation – No tools required for installation, can be set up and use immediately.

• Safe and intimate Cio-Sleep – Foldable bedside and able to place exactly near parent’s bed, lower SIDS and support breastfeeding.

• Easy to move – light but stable frame made of aluminum, easy to move around and use in different place.

• Reducing chances of suffocation – mattress base is adjustable into recline position, which helps to reduce suffocation hazard.

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